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Source (S157)

There is one reference showing Ann Diver's year of birth as 1846. Carndonagh RC parish Baptism records started Nov 1846 but no entries for Ann have yet been found.

In Helen McLaughlin's 1904 marriage record her father is identified as William McLaughlin and his wife is Ann Dever. Helen was born Ellen and changed to Helen when she joined her sister in America. (No records have been found for a "Helen McLaughlin" born to William and Ann - Births or Baptisms). 
Diver, Ann (I856)
McKeown, Brigid (I701)
McGlade, Bernard (I899)
"Bernard McGlade was my grandfather, Born 2/13/1866. He immigrated in 1884 to Johnstown, PA first and then to the south side of Pittsburgh, PA which was called Birmingham at that time. About a year after he immigrated he brought his mother Ann McGlade (Maginness) and six of his siblings: Ann, Mary, Kate, Owen, Patrick, and John in 1887. He married Mary Cornelia McDonnell in 1895. They had four children: Alice, Lois, Ann, and John. Their mother Ann lived until 1924. I found her grave last summer and visited when I was back in the Pittsburgh area. My father was baptized John Bernard Owen McGlade. I wondered why until I found my great grand father was John, and my 2nd great grandfather was Owen. It made perfect sense to the Irish.
Due to the kindness of Gerry McCann I was able to visit Ireland and the family farm last September. How I wish I would have known about you and your family at that time. Gerry just recently sent me the part of the family tree that included the families of the sisters of Ann. I did find about her brother because I had a card left in Bernard’s bible that was a photo of Brother Constantine, Bartholomew Maginness. Gerry said that Ann did not have a brother, I persisted and yes Gerry found the brother and his family. Brother Constantine was one of the sons.
My husband Tom and I both grew up in the Pittsburgh area. We raised three sons, David, Carl and Michael. They and their wives have given us ten grandchildren. After we retired we moved to the state of Arkansas. The winters are kinder and the cost of living a little easier. We live at the foot of the Ouachita Mountains in Hot Springs Villa" email from Gwen McGlade/Auel-Aug 2019.
"I believe the family's plan was for Bridget and Barney (Bernard) to come to the States and after they were settled and making some money to bring the rest of the family. However John died of typhus in the poor house 1886" (Newry Workhouse-Registration of Death); email from Bernard's granddaughter Gwen McGlade, Arkansas, Nov 2023.
McGlade, Gwen (I1346)
6 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Collins, Patsy (I318)
(Byrnes Red Book:"married Joe Dickert, USA. Had a son Joseph who married Diana P. At time of notes [c1989] they have 2 sons at University and Rose is aged 93 years").
The 1897 birth registration confirms that Rose Hardy's father is William John Hardy. The mother is Mary Ann; the surname "Formerly" is scribbled "Macan..." and officially recorded as "Macaw". Likely the Registrar recorded the surname (Macken) as heard. William John, could not write so signed with an X .
Rose Hardy immigrated to USA in 1927 and married in 1934, becoming Rose Dickert; husband Walter was an Insurance Agent. Rose travelled home to Scotland or Ireland at least three times (1932, 1951 and 1957) sailing between New York and Liverpool or Glasgow. In October 1951 Rose, now aged 55, returned to New York aboard mv BRITANNIC accompanied by her son Walter Dickert aged 17 (born in 1934).
On her arrival in Liverpool on her final visit (11 Oct 1957) the "Duration" was for 6 weeks. Rose in fact stayed for over 8 months; departing Liverpool for NY on 27 June 1958. Perhaps her mother Mary Anne (Mackin) had been ill as she died the following year. There is also a photo taken in Ireland around this time of Rose with the family of Nan (née Byrnes) Martin in Lurgan. 
Hardy, Rose (I84)
1872 marriage, age is "fullage" - 21 years of age or more. Anne and husband Patrick Bennett are living in county Durham, England in 1875 and 1877, where their two children were born and baptised.

Hannaway, Anne (I229)
1874 marriage witnesses: Michael Mackin & Eleanor McCourt.
(St Patrick's RC church foundation stone laid 18 May 1891; Dedicated 1903).
Witness Role: Bridesmaid Name: Eleanor McCourt
Witness Role: Best man Name: Michael Mackin 
Family: Hugh Mackin / Margaret Burns (F15)
Daisy and Peggy = Margaret. It seems like there should be a long explanation for Daisy, but it's as simple as this: the French word for "daisy" is "marguerite." As for Peggy? Well, Margaret was shortened to nicknames like Meg or Meggy, and the rhyming nickname trend turned Meggy into Peggy.
Also nicknamed "the Quaker"-not known why (source Eugene McCann) 
McCoy, Margaret (I516)
In 1864 Ambrose Hardy was the occupier of over 7 acres in Ballylummin townland (House, offices & Land). An "Alexander Hardy" was also tenant of a house on that land (source: Griffiths Land Valuations 1864).
In August 1870 civil records show that Ambrose Hardy of Ahogill, a widower aged 70, married Rebecca Diamond. Rebecca, unmarried, was a Weaver aged 30. Ambrose and Rebecca had 7 children; the first, twins James and Maria died just a month after birth. The last recorded child was Hugh Hardy, born to them in 1881. All their children's births are recorded on the civil register with the father as: "Ambrose Hardy" and mother: "Rebecca Hardy" ( formarly Diamond/Dimond) living in Ballylummin. There is only one other Hardy in Ballylummin; Alexander Hardy, a tenant on Ambrose's land. The last-born in 1881 would mean Ambrose was a father aged 80/81 years. Ambrose could not read/write and would have no record of his birth. It is more creditable that Ambrose was in his 60's and not aged 70 when he married Rebecca.
Researching the earlier marriage of Ambrose Hardy has produced a marriage at Ahogill RC chapel (St Mary's), Ballylummin, on 30 Aug 1854 of Ambrose Hardy to "Lucind(a) O'Rourke". Witnesses are: John Lynn & Alex'r Hardy (source-Ahogill RC parish records) . Alexander Hardy was a tenant of Ambrose Hardy in the 1864 Griffiths Land Valuations of "Ahoghill" townland.
Ambrose Hardy had deceased on the 1897 Registration of his son William Hardy's marriage (he had died in 1886). After his death a neighbour took over Ambrose Hardy's house & land tenancy and not a member of his family (Griffiths Land Valuation Revisions). 
Hardy, Ambrose (I284)
In the 1911 census for Desert or Dysart townland Peter & Annie have 7 children, all born in Co Down: Hugh (age 12), James (9), Peter (8), Eliza Winifred (6), Annie Margaret (4), Alice Catherine (2), John Stephen (9 months). 
Sands, Peter (I916)
John McGlade's parents were Owen McGlade and Brigid McCann (Eugene McCann-local historian resident of Ballykeel). The 1882 Birth Registration of his son (also named John) records John is now a "Labourer"; no longer a tenant of house or land. He is living in someone's house in Carrickbracken, Camlough (near Newry) - about 3 miles from Levelamore. In 1886 he died in Newry Workhouse and the following year his wife Ann and 6 remaining children emigrated to America.
McGlade, John (I1328)
Owen was born and baptised Michael, by 1901 is called Owen. Owen's father is James Grant (in Carrigans) and from the Owen Grant family in Carrigans. Sarah's father, James Grant, is also from Carrigans townland but from the Terence Grant family.

Grant, Owen (I1109)
Patrick is identified as John Kelly's father in John's 1897 marriage records. In the 1901 census Patrick Kelly (father of John aged 28) is a widower aged 65 and was born in Co Armagh. Patrick's family had the moniker "Maxol" (not Maxwell) to differentiate them from other Kelly families. 
Kelly, Patrick (I999)
16  Byrnes, Francie (I146)
17  Mackie, Alistair (I154)
18 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Collins, Patsy (I318)
19  Byrne, Patrick (I350)
20  Doherty, Mary Jane (I415)
21  Hannaway, Patrick (I1588)
22  O'Hare, Anne (I1615)
23  Family: Michael Carriban / Catherine McDade (F163)
24 " Butter & Egg Merchant. Widower of; 1st Janet Brennan; 2nd Catherine Byrnes". Informant to Registrar in Greenock on 7 Nov 1940 is "Janet McDade, Daughter, present". Registrar records time of death as 5.20 pm.
Loyden, Patrick (I126)
25 " Charles moved to America and married there" (Sarah Byrnes [b1915] audio - June 1988). Charles Hughes emigrated from Ireland to New York in July 1930 and married Rose Kirk in 1932. Rose's family home was 3 miles from Charles' in Umericam. Rose had emigrated a month before Charles but we have no record that they knew each other before leaving for Ireland. Their first child, Patrick was born in 1933 but survived for only 14 days. Daughter Mary R. was aged 4 in the 1940 census. Charles became a US citizen in June 1936. Hughes, Charles (I1102)
26 "....other Morgan children were Barney, John and Ann/Annie who married O'Hare. Two sisters were nuns" (source: Eugene McCann of Ballykeel; audio recording 2016). Morgan, Peter (I535)
27 "After marrying they went to live up in front of Patricia Crawley's. Within 10 years of marriage they had both died leaving 3 children: John, Danny & Bridget McGlade as orphans. They were taken back to Smith’s house and the aunt (Mary McGinnis) looked after them (for a period)." (Eugene McCann - local historian).
Re John McGlade: "he died young after spraying potatoes. The Bluestone (copper sulphate) got into a cut in his hand and died within a few days". (Eugene McCann-audio in 2016.) 
McGlade, John (I401)
28 "Ann Chambers was Michael Reilly's first wife. After her death he married Margaret Byrnes in October 1906." (Paul Byrnes).
From the records of her first marriage in 1866, Ann is aged 21, so born about 1845.
From the 1877 marriage records of Michael Reilly and Ann, it records that Ann is a widow aged 32 and Michael a bachelor aged 26. Ann was born in Ireland (from 1901 census entry, Blackfriars, Glasgow).

Chambers, Ann (I451)
29 "Ann Humphreys" was Present and registered Mary's death in Forkhill 23 Jan 1880. This "Ann Humphreys" is unlikely to be Mary's sister who at the time is barely 14 years of age. Humphreys, Mary (I1062)
30 "Ann of Bartley McGinnis & Mary Murphy" was baptised 21 Apr 1839 in the RC chapel in Lislea. Children would be baptised within a few days of birth.
Witness Role: Godparent Name: Owen McGlade
Witness Role: Godparent Name: Alyss (Alice) Morgan 
McGinnis, Ann (I547)
31 "Ann of Bartley McGinnis & Mary Murphy" was baptised 21 Apr 1839 in the RC chapel in Lislea. Children would be baptised within a few days of birth. McGinnis, Ann (I547)
32 "Anne came from Carricknagalliagh townland near Lislea, an ancestor of the 1950s local postman Jim Campbell" (source: Patsy Collins [Grey] in 2015).
Before Anne marries in 1853 she appears as Godparent at two Baptisms in Bessbrook parish church: 1) 1846 Feb 22-Will'm of Pat'k Mallon & Mary Maguire 2) 1848 Jan 3-Rose of Stephen White & Ellen Smith.
Campbell, Anne (I240)
33 "Anne O'Neill", also living in Ummeracam, was present and registered the birth in Newtownhamilton on 30 Aug 1869. Anne was also a Godparent two days after the birth. Gollogly, Rose (I1562)
34 "Annie Mackin" was present (Owen's wife) who registered the death in Newtownhamilton on 18 May 1931. (Death Registration No: D/1931/193/1023/12/272).
Entry in Byrnes Red Book (1980s) by unknown family member records the correct date and cause of death - Meningitis. 
Mackin, Owen (I78)
35 "Annie Murphy Daughter" was Present at the death of her mother Catherine McParland (née Hannaway) in June 1973 at "Mountain Road, Lislea". Catherine's family home is in Ballard townland.
Murphy, Hugh (I485)
36 "Annie Murphy Daughter" was Present at the death of her mother Catherine McParland (née Hannaway) in June 1973 at "Mountain Road, Lislea". Catherine's family home is in Ballard townland.
CHLDREN: Hugh (married Mary Quinn); Joseph (married Mary McCreish, Longfield Road); Anne (married Eamon McNulty, Aghmakane Road). (Source-Anna McParland). Anne has a B&B now run by son Seam McAnulty and daughter (Dana?)-Fionnbharr Rodgers. 
McParland, Annie (I307)
37 "Annie Toal, Ballard mother of deceased, present at death". Toal, Patrick (I1004)
38 "Anthony could well have been the first of the Magennis clan to come to Levelamore (from Killeavy?). Anthony's wife Mary could well have been from one of the local families: Kelly, Murphy, McGlade, O'Neill" (Eugene McCann's records). Mary McGinnis's surname prior to marriage is not known. McGinnis, Mary (I273)
39 "As a young girl Mary Catherine was employed as a seamstress for Adam's Drapey store in Newry" (Crawley family history pages). This would be "Adams, Robert, draper" in Margaret Street (the 1898 Newry Street Directory). McGlade, Mary Kate (I408)
40 "As far as I know Catherine and Patrick did not have any children, but Patrick was married before to a Janet Brannan and had 7 children and I have attached a document which has the information I have on the Loydens." (from Paul Byrnes, Scotland-2010). Believed to be buried in St Kentigern's emetery, Glasgow in an unmarked grave.
Loyden, Patrick (I126)
41 "Baptised 11 May 1884, Mullaghban RC chapel" (Eugene McCann, local historian). "Hughie Hannaway’s children: there was a Patrick married a Miss Toal and his brother James married her sister also a Miss Toal. All four went to Scotland." (audio recording of Eugene McCann in 2016). Note: Patrick and James Hannaway married O'Hanlon sisters (Ellen and Mary Ann)- in Coatbridge. Hannaway, Patrick (I592)
42 "Betty Hughes married a man called Hanley. Had several sons; one Brendan is married and they have refurbished May Hughes' land and the house in Dorsey (below Murries Hill). They have a son Sean who lives in Newry" (Audio of Marie McShane (née Hughes in 2018). Hughes, Elizabeth (I1134)
43 "Bridget Henry, daughter-in law, present (Resides in) Ballintemple." This would be Bridget Toal wife of John, they lived with Michael Henry (1901 census). Bridget registered the Death in Meigh on 19 Aug 1907. Henry, Michael (I228)
44 "Bridget was married to Paddy Bennett" (Anna Doherty [b1950] in 2016 audio record) McGlade, Bridget (I403)
45 "Buried in Barr chapel" - family records of James & Catherine Sands with Hugh Daly. See copy of parish entry in Media. Sands, James (I991)
46 "Catherine McGee (née Farmer) widow of deceased Present at Death". McGee, Michael (I830)
47 "Catherine McParland (Kate Boyle), Ballard, widow of deceased & present at death". Patrick died Saturday 12 April 1913, the following day his son Patrick, aged 10, was making his Confirmation in Bessbrook parish church.
McParland, Patrick (I621)
48 "Deargh" (pron. Jarra) from redhead-Irish.
Murphy, Paddy "Deargh" (I505)
49 "Dinny Crawley’s mother was Rosie McCann from our house - a sister of my dad’s" (audio recording of Eugene McCann in 2016). Crawley, Din (I775)
50 "Dinny Crawley’s mother was Rosie McCann from our house- a sister of my dad’s" (audio recording of Eugene McCann in 2016). Crawley, Dinny (I651)

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