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151 1891 marriage certificate spelt Levellamore. McGinnis, Patrick (I232)
152 1892 marriage record of son James shows that Neil is deceased. McGarry, Neil (I343)
153 1894 - In March 1894 Nellie moved to Ireland from America where the family had been living. The group consisted of both parents, her sister Annie & brother George (see media-copy of ship's Passenger List). Nellie or Ellen in 1901 census was living in Glen, Co Down (townland Derrycraw). 1901 census: Born in America.

1920 - In March 1920 Nellie is single, living in Chicago and applies for a US passport to visit her parents in Ireland. Her application for a US passport reveals that her father James McParland had emigrated from Ireland to USA in 1880 and resided in USA for 13 years (matches Nellie's return to Ireland above in March 1894). Nellie also stated that she had returned to Ireland (with her parents) between 1893 and 1905.

1920 - When applying for her passport in March 1920 Nellie requests Passport is sent to 9019 S Burley Avenue, Chicago. This is a multi-family house so it may well have been her residence. However during the following month of April 1920 is the US Federal Census and Nellie is living in her sister Sarah's house (Sadie/Sezzie McParland); Sarah is married to F Philip Golden (Frank) and living at 3115 W Arthington St., Chicago. (3115 W Arthington St. has since been demolished, awaiting redevelopment).

1930 - In 1930 (census) Nellie has been married for about 4 years. 
McParland, Nellie (I32)
154 1894 Registration of Death states aged 37 years. Sheals, Elizabeth (I960)
155 1896 marriage witnesses: Michael Malone & Mary Anne McDonnell.
Witness Role: Best man Name: Michael Malone
Witness Role: Bridesmaid Name: Mary Anne McDonnell 
Family F239
156 1896 marriage: Best Man-Felix McParland, bridesmaid-Kate McParland. The celebrant enters Maggie's father as "John" - should be "Peter" Hanlon.
Witness Role: Best man Name: Felix McParland
Witness Role: Bridesmaid Name: Kate McParland
Witness Role: Priest Name: Canon M Quinn 
Family F58
157 1899 Marriage regisration of son Thomas shows that Denis is still alive.
Witness Role: Best man Name: John Murphy
Witness Role: Bridesmaid Name: Bridget O'Neil 
Family F147
158 1901 census age=18, DOB ca 1883.1911 census age=31, DOB ca1880.
" Petey burns married twice. His daughter Teresa married John Doherty, lived down towards Silverbridge" - audio Marie McShane (née Hughes) in 2018.
Burns, Petey (I55)
159 1901 census age=50, DOB ca 1851. Census stated could not read or write, signed with cross,witnessed by his son Patrick.
1911 census age=65, DOB ca1846. Lived at Xroads, Umeracam. 
Burns, Edward (Ned) (I54)
160 1901 census aged 18. Toal, Mary (I585)
161 1901 census Coatbridge, Scotland. Hannaway, Peter (I254)
162 1901 census for Ummercam (Johnston) townland, Co Armagh. Thomas and Mary have two children: Michael and Mary Gollogly. Hughes, Mary (I1124)
163 1901 census for Ummercam (Johnston) townland, Co Armagh. Thomas has two children: Michael and Mary Gollogly. Gollogly, Thomas (I1125)
164 1901 census John is aged 35-born ca 1866. 1911 census John Crawley aged 46 years-born ca 1865. Crawley, John (I185)
165 1901 census of Digby, Nova Scotia records Lillian, aged 6, was born in N Scotia. Rogers, Lillian (I1255)
166 1901 census records James was born in Salford, England. Traynor, James (I918)
167 1901 census shows James McParland was born in Co Armagh. James is aged 70 but his year of birth has yet to be verified. McParland, James (I854)
168 1901 census states Hugh's age is 52 , thus born about 1849. 1911 census his age is 69, so born about 1842. 1915 death certificate age is 73, so born 1842. Hannaway, Hughie (I19)
169 1901 census, age is 8. Went blind, appeared to have learning difficulties. McGinnis, Mary (I173)
170 1901 census, in Ballard home with Francis and Mary. Alice is grandmother of Patsy Collins (Grey) Levelamore (source Patsy in 2015 audio recording).
1917 Griffiths Land Valuation Revisions (1909-1949): Levallymore plot 14D-Alice Kelly (née McParland) takes over tenancy from husband Patrick Kelly in 1917. Acreage of 14D is 3 Roods/10 Perch - Land only, 
McParland, Alice (I101)
171 1901 census-aged 45, born in Co Down. Maguire, Patrick (I691)
172 1902 MARRIAGE - Archibald Carmichael was a bachelor and "Steel Iron Worker", aged 26. Helen Brown Currie was aged 23. (Registrar records: "Married according to the Forms of the Church of Scotland".) Family F411
173 1902 marriage registration states Annie is aged 22 and was born in Ireland (about 1880). The 1910 census in Lynn, Massachusetts records age as 32 years-so born about 1878. Agnew, Annie (I370)
174 1902 marriage registration states Occupation: Labourer. Hannaway, John (I37)
175 1902 marriage registration states Ocupationn: Domestic. Agnew, Annie (I370)
176 1907 marriage entry of daughter Mary records her father's occupation is - labourer. Gavan, Bryan (I718)
177 1907 marriage of Mary Moran & Patrick Byrne, Dublin: Mary is a widow with 4 children, her father is Bernard Gavan.  Moran, Joseph (I717)
178 1907 marriage of Mary Moran & Patrick Byrne, Dublin: Mary is a widow, her father is Bernard Gavan; and he is a labourer. Gavan, Bryan (I718)
179 1909 marriage records show occupation is farmer. Mcginnis, Dominick (I558)
180 1909 Registar entry for marriage notes that Patrick is a widower. Hughes, Patrick (I234)
181 1911 census - age is 8. Went to England; lived in Little Hulton, Salford. May have died in accident about 1947? (Patsy Grey, née Collins, Levelamore).
James married Mary Hazeldine; his brother Owen/Owenie, married Mary's sister Ellen /Nellie Hazeldine. 
McGinnis, James (I169)
182 1911 census age entry for Mary Mallon makes birth year 1846. The 1901 census age makes birth year 1851, but confirms born in Co Armagh. Mallon, Mary (I419)
183 1911 census age is 2. Went to England, lived in Little Hulton, Salford. Smaller in height to his brothers (Patsy Grey, née Collins, Levelamore).
James married Mary Hazeldine; his brother Owen/Owenie McGinnis, married Mary's sister Ellen /Nellie Hazeldine. 
McGinnis, Owen (I171)
184 1911 census age=33. Lived at crossroads above Lizzie Hughes, site had a shop. "Patrick's daughter Bridget married Larry Muckian" - audio Marie McShane (Hughes) in 2018. Burns, Patrick (I138)
185 1911 census age=68, DOB ca1843. Bridget has borne 5 children, 3 are living and they appear in this 1911 census.  Burns, Bridget (I137)
186 1911 census Govan, Glasgow. Rosina aged 46 is a "Servant" (housekeeper) at 261 Paisley Road West for Hugh Carroll a Provisions Merchant - who was also born in Ireland. Byrnes, Rosina (I67)
187 1911 census in April, age is 6 months. Went to England; lived in Little Hulton, Salford. Lodged with James' family. (Patsy Grey, née Collins, Levelamore). McGinnis, Barney (I170)
188 1911 census parents record Absalom Stewart (aged 1) was born in Portsea, Hampshire. (Known as Portsea Island , is now part of Portsmouth) Watt, Stewart (I468)
189 1911 census parents record John William (aged 4) was born in Gosport, Hampshire. Watt, John William (I467)
190 1911 census reveals that Mary had 9 children - and 6 were living.  Mallon, Mary (I419)
191 1911: in the census Bridget & Patrick have borne 3 children; two are alive, Ellen & Bridget.
(Daisy and Peggy = Margaret. It seems like there should be a long explanation for Daisy, but it's as simple as this: the French word for "daisy" is "marguerite." As for Peggy? Well, Margaret was shortened to nicknames like Meg or Meggy, and the rhyming nickname trend turned Meggy into Peggy.) 
Morgan, Bridget (I426)
192 1914-15 Star is also known as the Mons Star awarded to Private Patrick Byrne, R Dublin Fusiliers Regt No 12637. Byrne, Patrick (I350)
193 1918 Birth Registration of Vera Peeney - Mother's Maiden name: Davies (General Register Office; United Kingdom; Reference: Volume 8a, Page 617).  Davies, Mrs ANO (I1311)
194 1920 marriage certificate shows aged 32: born about 1888.
In 1920 Denis' mother lists Bridget as living at No12 Burnside St Glasgow (see copy of John's military record Army form W5080). This is confirmed on Bridget's marriage certificate of that year. 
McGee, Bridget (I455)
195 1935-James' son Peter chose to specialise in Science for his final years at St Mungo's - becoming the top student. So much so that his father instituted the Peter Sherry Prize for Science which was given to the top Science pupil in the school every year (Paul Byrnes). Sherry, James (I245)
196 1939 Register records Bridget's Birth: 23 Apr 1895 (Baptism entry records birth: 22 Apr 1895). Rice, Bridget (I1121)
197 1939 Register records that Rose Ann McGee's surname changed to TAYLOR. The Notes are: 1-3-49/JFA/IC/M. Taylor, ANO (I1205)
198 1982 Memory Card shows died aged 74. Corgary is north of Newry and west of Derrycraw, on the road to Banbridge. Sands, John (I270)
199 1989 Audio, Dundalk-Peter,Mary &Georgy Hannaway. @1m 10s MaryD: – "Kate (Hannaway) was reared in Bennett’s (in Levelamore), a daughter of Peter Hannaway. Kate was married to Danny Byrnes/Burns, Bessbrook".
@1m-50s MaryD: (Kate) she’s a cousin your (Peter’s) Gr’father (John Hannaway). Nancy Bennett (née Ann Hannaway) would be her (Kate’s) aunt. 2m-05s –Granda would be her uncle (??). So the mother must have died shortly after the birth-that must have been Kate and why she was reared in Bennett’s. But that wasn’t talked about at the time". (Audio of Peter, Georgie & Mary Doherty[Hannaway] in Dundalk 1989) 
Hannaway, Catherine (I1221)
200 1: Annie Byrnes was born in 1860 and baptised in Cullyhanna RC church (Lower Creggan) on 10 July 1860. She was working as a domestic servant when she married Thomas McGarry (from Antrim) at Houston (near Paisley) on 15 October 1889.
Thomas who was born in 1860 was a gardener and they stayed for a time at Kilmacolm (near Paisley) where their three children were born.
2: In 1901 the family stayed in the Dalbeth Convent Lodge,Townhead. They then moved to 812 Main Street, Tollcross.
3: Thomas died on the 6 September 1915 at the Woodilee Asylum, Lenzie. Annie was living at 1016 Tollcross Road when she died on the 9.05.1939. Had 3 children,died 1939.
(Paragraphs 1 to 3 reports are courtesy Paul Byrnes, b1975) 
Byrnes, Annie (Nan) (I68)

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