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The paternal grandparents of Charles are now included, back to the Gollogly

and the Kirley family. The parents of Charles’ mother, Rose Grant, are now

included. Her father James Grant was from Carrigans townland - adjoining

Ummeracam; her mother was Bridget McVarry.

In 1884 Ann (McGlade) now a widow left for America to join her son

Brendan and daughter Bridget McGlade. With her were here 6 remaining children,

including John Alphonsus and they settled in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

“John wanted to become a priest and started college at St. Vincent

Seminary.  This school even today is way

out in the country. John would jump a train, probably to save money, to get to

school.  One day he missed and lost the

lower part of both arms; the year was 1915.”

“The Knights of Columbus, Supreme Council awarded him a full

scholarship at Catholic University, in Washington DC.  He graduated, June 11th, 1919 receiving a

degree of Bachelor of Laws. That year he was admitted to the Washington, PA

County Bar and to the Supreme Court of PA. At some point he retired to private

practice.  To do this he had a remarkable

memory. I have a copy of his memorial service, he died in June, 1962”.

I am grateful to Gwen McGlade (Auel) for these memories of her

great-uncle John. Gwen, from Pittsburgh now retired in Arkansas has generously

shared photos of the McGlade’s from Levelamore in USA. Also of Bartholomew

McGinnis (born 1867) better known as Brother Constantine CFX.